Please make open world more fun in Albion

1. Since the game is full loot and items do trash on rng base . If you lower the fame gained from killing a player and the fame goes towards your progression of armor and weapon you equip would be a very good way to encourage open world pvp and will for sure give it a great boost .

2. Please lower guild max number to 100 and alliance size to 300 .Which would also lower zerg fest and encourage more open world pvp .

3. You really need to fix the pay to win aspect which is killing the game right now .
a. Remove the transmutor from the game .

b. Double to food cost or Albion Online Silver + food for each territory you own . Which scales up as you gain more territories, the more territories you own the higher it would costs you to upkeep them (will also help in silver drain ).

c. 10% silver drain on each building which goes towards the system (which will also be like a small tax on plots you own in cities and guild territories) since you want silver drain . which would give you higher silver drain from the economy then transmutor usage overall.

d. Please increase the spawn rate on nodes . You basically are killing the market making it so expensive for normal players to Buy Albion Online Gold from auction house. Since you have lowered the silver drop from npcs and mobs the ratio of a death vs the amount of silver you can make is very bad atm .

e. Dont force everyone to be a gatherer in the game . If everyone is forced to gather . The pure gatherer will die out eventually .

4. Add a feature which shows the time a person last seen online for easier guild management .

Please keep the game SIMPLE instead of refining the game and getting rid of bugs. you are focusing too much adding new mechanics before final beta .

Please dont make the game too grindy . If you look at the majority of the player base they work / school or have families the game should be less grindy and more fun . if a person who gets 4 hours of play should be able to have Albion Online Powerleveling as much fun as a player who plays 10 hours a day .You cannot expect people to grind like they did in eve now .People play a game for fun not like a full time job .

These are my personal suggestion few may like them , few may hate them so dont troll please add somthing which can make the game better than being salty.

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