Trove: Mining is increased with bombs or lasermancy

Mining is increased with bombs or lasermancy. Both don’t have diminishing returns when increased. When you acquire an ore, the amount isn’t rolled to see how much you’ll get. It’s pretty static.

Farming objectives for gear drops is increased with gear power and magic find. Gear power to kill faster, magic find to attempt to proc higher tiers. Gear power like bombs/lasermancy is pretty direct in it’s effect. Magic find is not. Magic find has diminishing returns, the more you get the lest each point increases it. Magic find works by rolls, if successful it rolls again, and again, and so on until it hits cap (Stellars). Each roll is independent of the last. And with the diminishing returns, you’ll never hit 100% chance.

So essentially you’re comparing a static method for income to one that can vary greatly based on rolls.

Then again, I pretty much knew you’d not be up for any real logic when you opened with statements to discount those that say “RNG”. It’s the nature of the beast that is RNG for your anecdotal testing.

There is no reason not to loot everything anymore now that we can click once to decon our inventory. The whole reason to Buy Trove Flux and choose before was because having to decon everything would take way too long. Now you can just hit your decon at the same time you go to refill potions. The only problem here is that people are unwilling to change what they are use to.

If you are picking up only shadow items, it takes a second to have to check, point and click to loot it before moving on. This adds up over a period of Trove Flux for sale while farming and is much much slower than having to hit up a decon for a second to unload your inventory.

Secondly, you are missing out on a ton of materials and flux from all the items you would be looting. Legendary items add up when you go through 1000s of them people!

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