Trove: some reason with both the rev and CB they give me a weird feeling

I think that it is now in a much better spot than it ever has been if built correctly. From a numbers standpoint it is more balanced, and from a personal standpoint I am finding myself having more fun then I ever had on Rev. It is still not the very best but I would put it up there.

Will try to get some images going once I get back on my desktop in a few hours. Only 7.5k PR (unoptimized) but I am keeping up with higher PR players so that is a good sign.

I couldn’t finish it I’m sorry. I like the revenant but not enough to need a full breakdown of how to use him. I don’t know what it is with me and the bulky looking classes. For some reason with both the Cheap Trove Flux rev and CB they give me a weird feeling and make me not want to play them. They’re not bad it’s just me being weird. That being said I still like the SH even if it’s mostly point and click.

I honestly doubt many people will find reading a 2.2k word essay on a game characters mechanics rather enthralling. I find a big part of playing a class is also how they look and if they appeal to your tastes just as much as how they play out. For me I just put on the Super Magical costume and pretend I’m Ladybeard. So no problem at all if it is not for you, just trying to spread some love to less played classes.

Do you know how hard it is to convince people that the best ally for a physical damage class is a magical damage one? Incredibly hard. It destroys everything you are taught while playing so most try to believe otherwise.

Now if we did have a Physical damage Chronomancer it could cause a lot of balance issues. The largest one is rather obvious being Boomeranger (not for the reasons you think; it is super bad but looks amazing). Most Magic classes do not have a whole lot of uses for cooldown reduction meanwhile physical damage does. Just with this Rev build switching from one damage type to Buy Trove Flux another you go from 1518.02% to 1662.59% dps. It doesn’t seem fair but think of the damages.

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