Trove: how materials get added into the game

The crazy thing, is that you have to separate how materials get added into the game, and how flux gets added into the game. I do not have huge issues with multiboxing for materials like sunlight bulbs on multiple accounts. That still takes effort and farming, as you still have to run around and gather items.

The issue that I see, is that people are mass ‘alt farming’ as now it is very encouraged. Requirements are stupidly simple.
Get 7 sets of gear, and as many alts as you wish. Level up each alt to 10, slap on crap gems you got while getting to 10, and level them up, and POW, you can run every hard mode shadow tower.

Have your main do shadow tower runs, and you will net 12 titan souls per run, per account. Multiply that x7 (for each alt) and WOW, you get 84 titan souls for running three shadow towers. Need more alt power? Run hard DOTM for 4 empowered gems!
Remember you do not need your alts to run the entire tower, just invite each alt to the boss room, and then have your main kill it!

That is 28 titan’s treasures per run. At an average of 9k each, means that you just created a quarter of a million flux to the economy.

Need more Trove Flux? Keep adding alt accounts! Remember you only 7 sets of gear in total, so store the gear in one club chest that only you have access to, do another hard run, and get yourself another quarter of a million flux!

How long would it take you to create a quarter of a million flux in the game with just one account? If you said ‘market’ that is incorrect. You cannot create and add flux to the economy in this way. The flux only changes hands.
Huge difference here.

You want to know why patron is increasing, as well as many of the other ‘items’ that are not farmed? Read and understand the above.

What I really hope happens, is the following:

Instead of titans souls getting automatically granted upon completion, It would be required to use dungeon keys to loot the boss end box to earn the souls.

That way, people cannot remove the time gate of titans souls, simply by alt account farming. (as they would have to actually dungeon with each account to earn key fragments to make their keys).

Else, I would hope that the timegate for earning titan’s treasures per account gets removed. Why not let everybody just have free reign to earn as many titan souls and lunar souls as they wish???

Else shortly, guess what I will be spending my time doing?
Being on one account only, I cannot keep up with the mass of easy flux. Perhaps instead of writing all of Cheap Trove Flux, I should have been creating alt accounts and earning a few million flux per week doing 4 or 5 hard mode shadow tower runs. I mean… I carry others thru the hard mode shadow towers as I can solo all the hard modes…

I warned of this previously, and only the multi-boxers seemed to hate the idea of all this easy flux for their income going away…And gauging the responses, it is pretty apparent who multi-boxes for easy profit.

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