POE: Double charge generation is actually quite interesting

I see lots of folks being snide jackasses to folks voting for Option 2.

I voted for Option 2 – because I love the Raider ascendancy and saw this as a potential enabler for a lot of interesting Raider builds. Yes yes, ‘there’s a flask for that’. Perhaps I want to use my flasks for something else? Folks going on about how awesome the Bleed/Blind is because Blind is so rare…hey, guess what? They have a flask for that, too! They have a flask for most everything! Maybe I don’t want to run silver flasks on everything?

Option 1 is interesting, but it’s not build-enabling. It adds some Dodge (always nice to have, and dismayingly rare. This is easily my second-favorite option for the belt, buut…), some universal attack leech (nice, but increasingly available across the board, especially for the Duelists and Rangers the belt is generally targeted at), and some Maim (does anyone even care about Maims, given the instasplode meta?) All of which are neat with the POE Chaos Orb, and they help reinforce otherwise-dubious warcries…but none of that is build-enabling. You can’t do anything new with it. Not really. It’d be a great choice for Dodge builds that’d get an extra 10% attack dodge stacked on top of everything else they do, but Dodge builds already exist.

Option 3 is boring and a poor build choice. 20% chance to bleed means you need a fast-attacking or multihit skill to proc the thing reliably, which means many small hits instead of one big one, which means weak Bleeds. 20% Blind against Bleeding targets is only useful if you can reliably Bleed targets, which you can’t do with the belt alone. You’d need another Bleed source to make use of it, and frankly? They have a flask for Blind on command, and Stibnite flasks are more fun and overall more useful than Silver flasks anyways.

Double charge generation is actually quite interesting. You could run an Oro’s Sacrifice Flicker build off an Ignite gem alone – or forego the Ignite gem for more damage, run on nothing but the Ignite chance from Oro’s and a Flammability curse if you have to, and still maintain Multistrike Flicker without any trouble. Double Endurance charges doesn’t help much, but it could be used similarly to help fuel a Duelist-based Vigilant Strike build, if someone wanted to be particularly funky. Also works well with Gladiator’s Outmatch and Outlast, which wants to build up to max Frenzy and Endurance charges both and stay there as long as it can.

Alas, double charge generation also empowers Discharge, and frankly it’s time Discharge earns a 2s cooldown so it can stop obsoleting the rest of Path of Exile. Until then…prolly not the best choice?

Onslaught on Fortify, though? Raider gets easy access to Onslaught to fuel its Veil and Chase abilities even during boss fights, where Onslaught is otherwise often difficult to obtain (outside the mechanically uninteresting and short-term-only Silver flasks). Slayer, with its stun chance bonuses to Buy POE Chaos Orb, also gets much easier access to both Fortify and now Onslaught with it. Onslaught on Fortify opens the belt up to anyone who might be able to benefit from both buffs – i.e. everyone – who has a way to generate the latter – i.e. most everyone.

Is it the perfect belt for every build? No, of course not. Do Champions get to equip it and basically say screw-you? Yeah – but they get to say screw-you whenever they want anyways. Is Onslaught-on-Fortify the most versatile and build-enabling option on the list? I’d say so, yeah.

Also. Question. Does not Iron Reflexes set evasion chance to 0, not evasion rating? I’m pretty sure your evasion rating remains just fine; it’s just decoupled from both Dexterity and your actual evasion chance. If that’s the case…wouldn’t the belt’s attack speed per 300 of AR/Evasion be completely unaffected by Iron Reflexes?

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