Albion Online: The most sensible write-up

What you say is the best solution, removing LP. But, as I said on another comment, LP is how the devs will make money. They wont remove their money making machine. And they won’t care if they lose players, cause the large guilds are enough to sustain the devs (large guilds waste a lot of money, most hardcore players will probabily buy a sub for every character).

I just sugested a solution that could be more probable for the devs to implement. Not the best albion online silver store. Devs won’t always implement the bests sugestions on purpose.I just made a post in another thread about why SBI will not remove Alts. You all offer this as a solution, but you don’t consider what the product vendor will lose:
How to fix LP, Alts, and Islands.

Thomas9 has the most sensible write-up, with #3, but what could that be? Hah, that’s the basis of why they do everything and what got them started. Perhaps their investors will enjoy hearing that the entire business model they bought into is now changing.I thought I heard that the reason they added alternate characters on accounts was players requested it.

I think Albion will make plenty of Albion Online Silver as long as they keep people playing. Making a good game that works, and retains players for a long time, will make more money than a short-term bot-farm game.

Just try guys think this through. If ALTs and LP’s would be removed. Why to even buy second account? You are saying it like if alts are removed, people just buy more accounts. Omg what kind of generalizing is that. Some players might still buy multiple accounts, but they can only get benefit from islands farming. And if these some players are willing to do so, then let them do. It is so less of people if you compare the current number of alts we have for christ sake.

Just imagine how much better the actual game would be, when everybody are just focusing on one character. Now everybody would really matter. Guilds can still centralize their Albion Online Gold, but now those professions can be divided between players which all are real players. There is now real master of different professions and inviduals can be as competitive as they can be when comparing to guilds.

But i am interested to hear, where we actually need alts? From player point of view.

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