Beauty Salon For MapleStory

You can! Only with VIP hair and face coupons, go to the Henesys Hair Stylist building and there’s an android npc that allows you to change it. Can’t use the freebie hair coupon from Tot’s, though.
I logged back into this game after years of not playing. I saw that there were new classes and new skills as well. I was happy to try out these new classes and new skills but to my suprise they took out basically all the old skills or nerfed by buy MapleStory Mesos! I deleted my main character (thunder breaker) because my favorite skill (the transformation) is not even there anymore! I wont get into detail because im sure very maplestory player knows which skills have been taken away but please bring these old skills back, or at least consider it. And dont make leveling up so easy…
I’ve been playing since the Ludi release and in my honest opinion, leveling it’s a lot better now. You couldn’t enjoy the game back then because you would take months to get to Lv. 100+
Now you can enjoy the game a lot more because it’s easier to get to Lv. 200. And… If you want the old Level up challenge, then just try to level 200-250. That’s the same hell as before.
I never understood why Nexon wouldn’t just allow us to use multiple chair bags. Like the OG poster said, the Cheap MapleStory Mesos and the snowflake chairs really do take up a lot of room, and with so many new chairs and older chairs now, 96 slots simply isn’t enough.
For me it’s better Level up fast 1-200 and enjoy game content then Level up to 250 for the challenge, than slow leveling 1-200 and not enjoy any content at all.

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