Honestly Wipe the Server About Albion Online

So lets face it… the progression all the guilds and the community have given SI will be completely wiped out with the re-working of the destiny board. At this point all they are doing with this patch is accelerating everyone in the game to reach the higher tiers… the only real problem with this.. is the guilds that are ahead now by buy Albion Online Gold.. are going to be 150% ahead coming out of this patch.. to the point where there will not even be a close even playing field. So the gvg’s are quickly going to turn from 4.2-5.3 to 5.3 – 7.3 for those that went and will go the extra mile.
I think the problem is, people analyze and tear the game up so much the Dev’s have a hard time sifting through and getting important data they need for the game. People don’t realize the game was in alpha and beta.. they have taken a lot of feedback from what I have seen and changed a lot that the players WANTED. In turn they compromised other aspects of the game to try to fix what they thought would solve a lot of problems… the Albion Online Silver right now is under critical rework potential and they have to get some more feedback regardless if you think they listen. This is suggestion that takes a step in the right direction of organizing the data you can actually utilize to launch a game.

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