Regarding labourer payouts On Albion Online

The “expected return” only lists L1 resources, but most of the higher-end journals can return L2+ resources, which ups their actual payout value.

The calculations are all done using effective Fame; we count up Fame collected, and we set up the loot lists for the returns to deliver (on average) loot with a Fame value equivalent to 1/3 of the Fame value of what you collected. To be clear, we’re not handing out Fame, we’re just using it to figure out how much stuff we should give out.

Note that we’ve extensively adjusted the Albion Online Silver of journals; lower-end ones will now fill very quickly (obviously new 800 Fame T2 journals will pay out fewer resources than the previous 5000 Fame T2 journals), while higher-end ones have been tuned to have *comparatively* longer fill times when doing tier-appropriate activities. T8 journals are generally targeted to take approx 2h to fill, and their payouts scale accordingly
We’ll keep an eye out on the situation, and if there are any bugs in the setup we will of course fix them as soon as we are able, but barring that the numbers are in a place where we’re reasonably happy with the ratios and don’t intend to drastically boost them from their current target values. At the end of the day, they’re still free resources

So you want to give a certain percentage of the fame gathered as returned mats, this is understandable. Let’s just pick a random number, 20% of the fame you gathered should be given from a laborer of Cheap Albion Online Gold . Why would you make it so the book can only be filled out to 15k fame for a 3k (The penny returns shown above on the test branch) fame return of mats when you are waiting 8 hours, spending extra time and weight, and a substantial amount of time and mats to get the laborer going? Shouldn’t you base the books capacity around a reasonable return rate of the mats? Something way more than the test branch but less than the live branch.

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